IoT Expert Rod Landers Joins RF Digital Team

Rod Landers

Los Angeles, CA – May 11, 2015 – RF Digital, maker of the RFduino and Simblee – wireless modules which make it easy for developers to build innovative products for the Internet of Things, has added Rod Landers to the team as COO.

Landers is a long-time wireless expert with specialties in M2M and IoT applications, including Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4, Bluetooth® 4.0, RFID, NFC, and Satellite. He holds numerous patents in the wireless space, including GPS positioning for 911 calls and aircraft auto landing. Landers sought out RF Digital as a customer first, and liked what he saw so much that he decided to be a part of the company’s growth.

Explained Landers: “Before joining RF Digital, I was working on an invention of mine, and wanted to add Bluetooth® Smart – but everything I was finding was just a piece of the solution, leaving it up to me to find all of the other pieces, when all I wanted to do was focus on the product. Then I found Simblee, and everything changed. All I had to do was focus on what I wanted to get done – kind of like an iPhone. That really resonated with me.”

Simblee is Internet of Things (IoT) for connecting Everyone and Everything (IoT4EE). The Simblee BLE Module is a revolutionary, high-quality, cutting-edge, performance focused 7x10 mm Bluetooth® low energy module with built-in antenna and ARM controller with 29 GPIOs. Simblee supports standard Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth® Smart) and also has communication modes with 3 millisecond latency and 10 microsecond accuracy. Simblee incorporates Mobile, Bluetooth® Smart, Mesh, Cloud, and other forms of wireless connectivity, opening up possibilities in applications across countless industries.

Added Landers: “If you take the ‘o’ out of IoT then you realize who we’re really talking to. Simblee allows the IT person to manipulate the physical world to solve problems in real time, even without knowing anything about embedded hardware.”

“Since the introduction of Simblee – and RFduino, we’ve experienced exponential growth – adding Rod to the team helps us to continue that trajectory,” said Armen Kazanchian, CEO, RF Digital. “Rod is joining a team of creative problem solvers – but we’re not just solving technical problems, we’re helping our customers meet their customers’ needs in real-world scenarios. RF Digital is a strong team, and Rod makes us even stronger. We’re excited to have him on board.”  

The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

05/11/2015 9:00 AM